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Wooden Golf bag stand

Wooden Golf bag stand

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This collapsible bag stand is made of durable red oak stained with traditional asphaltum varnish.  It is about the length of a driving iron with recessed brass hardware and a thick leather strap.  It folds so that you can use it as a walking stick between shots, or slip it into your stovepipe bag. 

The Red Oak wood is tapered from the top to the bottom which gives the stand a grand style. The asphaltum varnish is an old type of wood treatment that keeps the wood dry and free from swelling or rotting.

Classic Appeal: Wooden Golf Bag Stand

Elevate your golfing ensemble with our "Handcrafted Wooden Golf Bag Stand." Merging the natural beauty of wood with the reliability of expert craftsmanship, this stand is not just an accessory; it's a statement. Designed to hold your golf bag with secure elegance, it's the perfect complement to the golfer's refined taste.

Refined Details: Leather and Brass Accents

We've paid close attention to the details, adding a touch of luxury with a high-quality leather strap and solid brass hardware. These elements not only enhance the stand's durability but also add a distinguished look that's rare on the course today.

Sturdy Construction: Golf Bag Stand

This stand is built to last. The robust wooden frame ensures your golf bag is held upright with unwavering stability, while the leather strap provides a gentle yet firm grip, safeguarding your cherished clubs in style.

Functional Elegance: Golf Course Essentials

Our Wooden Golf Bag Stand goes beyond mere functionality. It embodies the elegance of the game, offering a sophisticated way to keep your bag accessible and your clubs organized, whether you're on the driving range or on the final hole.

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