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McIntyre - The “JH Taylor” replica golf balls

McIntyre - The “JH Taylor” replica golf balls

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The mesh ball pattern was patented in 1912.  This pattern replaced the bramble pattern and became the favorite of many leading professionals into the 1920’s. This JH Taylor model is a softer version of our popular Ouimet ball.


Ball Size: 1.68in
Ball Weight: 1.62 ozs
Historical Period: circa 1912-1930

Customer Concerns

Q:How does the mesh pattern on The "JH Taylor" golf balls improve performance?
A:The mesh pattern on The "JH Taylor" golf balls provides better aerodynamics compared to the older bramble pattern. This design helps reduce drag and enhances the ball's ability to maintain a stable flight, which can contribute to improved distance and accuracy.

Q:Can modern golfers benefit from using The "JH Taylor" golf balls?
A:Absolutely. While The "JH Taylor" golf balls are replicas of historical designs, they are fully playable with both modern and classic clubs. Their softer feel and enhanced aerodynamic design make them a valuable addition to any golfer's equipment, especially those who appreciate a blend of traditional aesthetics and contemporary performance.

Q:Why choose The "JH Taylor" golf balls over other replica models?
A:The "JH Taylor" golf balls are particularly favored for their softer feel compared to other replicas, making them more suitable for players looking for a golf ball that combines historical design with a gentler impact and improved control. This makes them a standout choice for both recreational and competitive players.


Q: when will I receive the products?
A: The "JH Taylor" golf balls in sleeves may take up to 2-4 working days to arrive.

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