About Us

Here at Hickory Golf Store, we are passionate about playing and growing the classic game. With our extensive range of classic replicas, built by expert craftsmen, you can enjoy the game the way it's meant to be played.

We are a father and son team who came across Hickory Golf years ago and fell in love with the traditional game.

Collecting vintage clubs circa 1920 became a hobby for us but for actual play this was challenging. We felt we could enjoy the game more if we could use brand new hickory golf clubs with similar shaft strengths and that wouldn't be subject to wear and tear as easily.

Even Bobby Jones had trouble finding a reliable set of clubs with similar shaft stiffness due to the nature of Hickory shafts. 

Working in conjunction with homegrown US factories employing expert artisans with a wealth of experience has helped us do exactly that. 

We believe in perennial, beautifully made products not to be traded in year upon year for the latest technology. They are almost too pretty to hit but we believe you are almost doing yourself a disservice as a golfer if you haven't hit a hickory club. 

These ornate clubs are not only for the course but something to pick up and admire around the house or office. The attention to detail and performance will surprise you. Our putters are making their way into even the modern golfers golf bag, it's a flat-stick after all. 

Whether you are considering purchasing a golfing gift for your golf nut or if you are thinking of setting up a yearly hickory stick tournament with buddies, we want to make that happen for you. 

We're always at hand to answer any questions you may have about Hickory clubs so don't hesitate to shoot us a message in our Contact Us page.