How long does it take for my order to arrive?

Due to the custom built nature of our clubs, please allow up to 2-3 weeks for shipment of all orders, they're worth the wait. :)

Can I use standard golf balls with my Hickory clubs?

The heads of our Hickory Iron sets are made of steel so there is no issue there. For the wooden headed putters, you are not striking the ball at full speed with a putter (I hope) so no impact there either.

Our Persimmon headed drivers are compatible with modern golf balls. Although they are fine to use, we would still recommend staying away from the hard distance balls. Any low compression golf balls work best. To name a few: Callaway Chrome Soft/ Supersoft, Titelist Pro V1's,  Seed Country Mile, The Pro One and The Pro Soft, Wilson 50 Elites, etc.

Do the replica golf balls go a significantly shorter distance?

The replica balls are used for competitive Hickory Golf competitions, offer club protection and a soft feel. The balls will go slightly shorter but if you are looking for distance that is missing the point! :) Hickory golf is not about distance, it's traditional golf at it's finest!

Out of the Hickory collection, "The Braid" and  "The Vardon" golf balls have a more limited flight than the others. Where the "The Vardon" is not typically a "play ball" for competitions.

Are our Clubs Manufactured in the U.S.A?

Yes, Our store is comprised of three different factories.(Clubs, Balls and Bags). All of which are made in the USA in Kentucky, Omaha and Vermont respectively.


What shaft should I choose?

Our shaft options are based on modern club specs. We sort shafts into 5 categories
A(Senior) R(Regular) S(Stiff) X(Extra Stiff) L(Ladies).

This is a real advantage when playing brand new Hickory Clubs. When inheriting a vintage set, finding shafts that suit can be the biggest issue, thankfully, we've made it easy for you!

Can I use my hickories on the driving range?
Hickories are not intended for the driving range. When using modern balls, make sure they are low compression with your woods. Using hickory irons on driving range mats can stress the wood so this is not advisable and would breach warranty.

Not from the USA?

We want to spread the word of Hickory Golf world wide. We are using a fulfilment service in the USA who can Ship your items at discounted rates. 

Contact us letting us know your location and we can sen you a signup link for discounted international shipping rates.