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Tad Moore - Set of Victor Model hickory shafted golf clubs

Tad Moore - Set of Victor Model hickory shafted golf clubs

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The Victor model hickory set is based on and similar to the Bobby Jones set designed by J Victor East for Spalding. These clubs sell for over $5000 for an original set.

For custom shaft flex, custom lie, or other requests, please specify in the special instructions section of the shopping cart, as these beautiful one piece heads can be adjusted with no danger of breaking. Our shafts are becoming the finest in the industry as we turn more hickory shafts and have a team that specialises in our hickory production.

Please mention in the order notes if you would like to substitute any of the irons in the certain numbered set. 

1 Iron - 20 degrees
2 Iron - 24 degrees
3  Iron - 28 degrees
4  Iron - 32 degrees
5 Iron- 36 degrees
6 Iron - 40 degrees
7 Iron - 44 degrees
8  Iron - 48 degrees

9 Iron - 52 degrees
Niblick - 55.5 degrees

Made in the USA and approved for play by the Society of Hickory Golfers.

Customer Concerns

Q: Will this hickory shaft golf club withstand regular play and last as long as modern clubs?
A: We crafts strong, straight hickory shafts, firmly joined to clubheads with advanced adhesives and classic hosel pins for optimal durability and performance.This individual hand manufacturing insures you the finest club available today.

Q: Is it a true hickory shaft, and does it conform to traditional craftsmanship?
A: Tad's commitment to the highest standards led him to work with the world renowned Otey Crisman III to manufacture the heart of the club, its Hickory shaft.

Q: Will I be able to use this club in regular rounds, or is it more suited to display or occasional hickory tournaments?
A:The hickory shafted golf club approved for hickory tournament play by the SoHG. They are made from natural wood, they might not withstand the same level of wear and tear as modern clubs.


Q: when you will receive the products.
A: Due to its hand-crafted nature, this Hickory Shafted Niblick Golf Club may take up to 2-3 weeks to arrive.

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