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McIntyre - The “Goodman” 12 replica golf balls in sleeves

McIntyre - The “Goodman” 12 replica golf balls in sleeves

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The "Goodman" (small dimple replica) ball is a playable replica of the “inverted bramble” or dimple ball patented by William Taylor in 1908.  Formally called the RTJ, the inverted round dimples had a longer, higher ball flight and stayed cleaner than the bramble. Spalding used this pattern for many of its golf ball lines starting in 1914 including the Spalding Dot.

The Goodman is a 55 compression ball that is approved for all classic (1900 - 1935 era) hickory golf events.  



Ball Size: 

1.68 in

Ball Weight: 

1.62 ozs

Historical Period: 

c. 1905-1935

Customer Concerns

Q:What does a 55 compression rating mean for the Goodman golf ball?
A 55 compression rating indicates that the Goodman golf ball is relatively soft, making it easier to A:compress upon impact. This can lead to more spin and a softer feel, which is especially beneficial for players with slower swing speeds, and it aligns well with the playing characteristics required in classic hickory golf events.

Q:Are the Goodman golf balls suitable for competitive play?
A:Yes, the Goodman golf balls are approved for all classic hickory golf events that focus on the 1900 - 1935 era. Their historical accuracy and performance characteristics make them ideal for these types of competitions.
Where can I use these golf balls?

Q:These golf balls can be used on any golf course that allows personal golf balls. Their design, A:while historically inspired, is fully functional and performs well on modern golf courses, offering a unique playing experience.


Q: when will I receive the products?
A: These The “Goodman”12 replica golf balls in sleeves may take up to 2-4 working days to arrive.

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