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McIntyre - The “Park” 3-Ball replica golf ball sleeve

McIntyre - The “Park” 3-Ball replica golf ball sleeve

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The “Park” gutta percha (hardened sap of the Malaysian sapodilla tree) ball traces its history to 1848 when a St. Andrews student, Robert Paterson, melted discarded gutta from his worn shoe bottoms and rolled it into a golf ball. Willie Park, Sr. won the first Open Championship in 1860. Willie Jr. would win in 1887 and 1889 and become an international golf club maker and course architect.

We make this fully playable ball from imported synthetic gutta percha.  The gutta is warmed to a soft putty like consistency, then compressed in 1890's style line cut molds and allowed to cool.  It is then trimmed and hand painted 6 times. Finally, 4 coats of polyacrylic are applied for durability.  This process takes 4 to 6 weeks.  

The Park gutta percha ball is approved for these pre-1900 golf events ( National Hickory Championship and Foxburg Hickory Championship).  

At the NHC, the PARK ball and the English 'Oakhurst' balls are approved for use in the Open division.



Ball Size: 

1.70 in

Ball Weight: 

24.5 dwt

Historical Period: 

c. 1850 -1905

Customer Concerns

Q: Are "The Park" 3-Ball Sleeve Golf Balls approved for tournament play?
A: Yes, "The Park" 3-Ball Sleeve Golf Balls are approved for pre-1900 golf events, including the National Hickory Championship and the Foxburg Hickory Championship. They are also permitted in the Open division at these tournaments, making them suitable for competitive historical golf play.

Q:Why choose "The Park" 3-Ball Sleeve Golf Balls for your game?
A:"The Park" 3-Ball Sleeve Golf Balls are ideal for golfers who appreciate the authenticity and heritage of the sport. These balls not only offer a link to golf's storied past but also provide a playable option for those participating in historic golf events or those who prefer a traditional style of play.

Q:How do "The Park" 3-Ball Sleeve Golf Balls perform compared to modern golf balls?
A:While designed with a historic aesthetic, "The Park" 3-Ball Sleeve Golf Balls incorporate modern materials that ensure playability with both classic and contemporary golf clubs. Their unique manufacturing process and historical design offer a different performance profile, particularly suited to players looking for a softer feel and historical accuracy in flight and roll characteristics.


Q: when will I receive the products?
A: The“Park” 3-Ball Sleeve Golf Balls may take up to 2-4 working days to arrive.

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