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McIntyre - The “Braid” 3-Ball Sleeve

McIntyre - The “Braid” 3-Ball Sleeve

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The "Braid" line cut, limited flight ball traces its history to 1848 when a St. Andrews student, Robert Paterson, melted discarded gutta from his worn shoe bottoms and rolled it into a golf ball. With a modern limited flight core interior which is remoulded into the 1880 line cut cover pattern,  the Braid offers improved durability and performance when compared to the classic gutta percha ball.

The Braid has been approved for play at the Wisconsin Gutty,  the reserve divisions at the NHC and Foxburg Championship and the CB MacDonald Championship.

If you would like the limited flight ball in the Bramble design it is available as well.  Place your order on the Vardon order site.


Ball Size: 

1.70 in

Ball Weight: 

29.5 dwt

Historical Period: 

c. 1850 -1905

Customer Concerns

Q:What makes The "Braid" 3-Ball Sleeve Golf Balls suitable for historical golf events?
A:The "Braid" 3-Ball Sleeve Golf Balls are designed to replicate the performance and aesthetic of golf balls from the historical period circa 1850-1905. This authenticity makes them suitable for historical golf events, where adherence to the equipment of the era is often a requirement.

Q:How do The "Braid" 3-Ball Sleeve Golf Balls differ from classic gutta percha balls?
A:Unlike traditional gutta percha balls, The "Braid" 3-Ball Sleeve Golf Balls incorporate a modern limited flight core that allows for greater control and reduced distance, making them ideal for competitive play in reserved golf divisions where flight limitations are beneficial.

Q:Is there an alternative design available for The "Braid" 3-Ball Sleeve Golf Balls?
A:Yes, for golfers who prefer a different texture, The "Braid" 3-Ball Sleeve Golf Balls are also available in a Bramble design. This alternative can be ordered through the Vardon order site, providing additional options for golfers seeking variety in their historical golf ball selection.


Q: when will I receive the products?
A: The”Braid”3-Ball Sleeve Golf Balls may take up to 2-4 working days to arrive.

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