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Otey Classic - Hickory Blade Putter

Otey Classic - Hickory Blade Putter

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Designed after the historic model 8802 putter, this handcrafted beauty offers a classic hickory shaft, and genuine leather grip.

It boasts a one piece solid brass head made in Alabama since 1946.

Includes premium Headcover.

Also available in Left hand. 

Customer Concerns

Q: What is the significance of the brass material in the Hickory Brass Blade Putter's head?
A: Brass is chosen for its excellent weight distribution and feel. It enhances the putter's performance by providing a solid impact with the golf ball, which is crucial for accuracy and control on the greens.

Q: Can I customize the length of the Hickory Brass Blade Putter?
A: Yes, we offer customizations for the length of the putter. Please specify your desired length or any other custom requests in the special instructions section of the shopping cart when placing your order.

Q: Can this golf blade putter be played by a lefty?
A:Yes, the Hickory Brass Golf Blade Putter is available in Left hand.


Q: when will I receive the products?
A: Due to its hand-crafted nature, this Golf Blade Putter may take up to 2-3 weeks to arrive.

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