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McIntyre - Replica Golf Balls Mixed-Ball Birdie Set

McIntyre - Replica Golf Balls Mixed-Ball Birdie Set

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Mixed Ball Gift Boxes are a great way to order a variety of our replica golf balls for a great price. Your order will arrive in a 12-Ball Gift Box with each ball individually hand-wrapped, making them great for gifts. 


Birdie Set:

(3) Brown Line-cut Modern Ball
(3) Vardon Modern Ball
(3) RTJ Small Dimple Modern Ball
(3) Ouimet Mesh Pattern Modern Ball

Customer Concerns

Can I customize the selection of balls in the Birdie Set?
The Birdie Set is pre-assorted to include a mix of our most popular replica golf balls. Currently, customization of the ball selection in each box is not available, ensuring a varied and unique experience with each set.

How do the different designs of the balls affect play?
Each type of ball in the Birdie Set features a unique design that can influence play differently. For example, the RTJ Small Dimple ball is designed for reduced drag and greater distance, while the Ouimet Mesh Pattern ball may offer better control and spin.

Are these golf balls suitable for competitive play?
While these replica balls are designed with a modern twist, it's important to check the specific rules of the tournament you're entering to ensure these replicas are permitted for competitive play. They are great for casual play and practice.


Q: when will I receive the products?
A: These Golf Balls Mixed-Ball Birdie Set may take up to 2-4 working days to arrive.

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