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Derby Tweed Dog Jacket - Five Colors

Derby Tweed Dog Jacket - Five Colors

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Keep your dog warm and stylish with our Alfie Dog Coat. Perfect for those long walks with your best friend!

The coat comes with two velcro straps to help keep the coat on while your dog is running around.

Our Tweed Dog Coats are Teflon-coated. This helps fend off soils, stains and liquid without impacting the weight, feel or breathability.
Available in sizes S-XL (refer to size guide below for measurements).

- Durable – tweed is woven extremely tight, so is very durable. It can be bent over 20,000 times without breaking.
- Teflon-coated – coated with Teflon fabric protector for supreme quality and durability. Helps fend off soils, stains and other liquids.
- Resistant to creases and wrinkles – you won’t have to worry about your tweed garment creasing or wrinkling due to its natural elasticity.
- Made in UK.
- UV Protection – wool naturally protects you from UV radiation.
- Available in Light Sage, Dark Sage, Blue Check, Beige Check and Sage Check.

Size Guide
S – Circumference = 35cm-45cm, length = 28cm
M – Circumference = 39cm-51cm, length = 29cm
L – Circumference = 47cm-59cm, length = 32cm
XL – Circumference = 52cm-65cm, length = 35cm

Key features

Outer shell is made from 60% Wool, 25% Polyester and 15% composed of mixed fibers.
Inner lining is made from 100% Waxed Cotton (Light Sage and Dark Sage ONLY).
2 velcro straps, one for body and one for neck.

Customer Concerns

Q:Is the Derby Tweed Dog Jacket suitable for all weather conditions?
A:Yes, indeed! The Derby Tweed Dog Jacket is designed to withstand various weather conditions, thanks to its durable construction and Teflon-coating. Whether it's a sunny day or a drizzly afternoon, your dog will stay warm, dry, and stylish during those long walks or outdoor adventures.

Q:Is the Derby Tweed Dog Jacket easy to put on and take off?
A:Absolutely! The Derby Tweed Dog Jacket features two Velcro straps—one for the body and one for the neck—making it convenient to put on and take off. These straps ensure a secure and comfortable fit, allowing your dog to move freely without any restrictions.

Q:Can the Derby Tweed Dog Jacket provide UV protection?
A:Yes, indeed! The natural properties of wool, which is a key component of the Derby Tweed Dog Jacket's outer shell, offer UV protection, shielding your dog from harmful sun rays during outdoor activities. With this added layer of protection, you can enjoy peace of mind knowing that your furry friend is safe and comfortable.


Q: when will I receive the products?
A: Derby Tweed Dog Jacket - Five Colors may take up to 2-4 working days to arrive.

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