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McIntyre - Replica Golf Balls “Goodman” 3-Ball Sleeve

McIntyre - Replica Golf Balls “Goodman” 3-Ball Sleeve

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The "Goodman" (small dimple replica) ball is a playable replica of the “inverted bramble” or dimple ball patented by William Taylor in 1908. The inverted round dimples had a longer, higher ball flight and stayed cleaner than the bramble. Spalding used this pattern for many of its golf ball lines starting in 1914 including the Spalding Dot.

The RTJ is a 55 compression ball that is approved for all classic (1900 - 1935 era) hickory golf events.  



Ball Size: 

1.68 in

Ball Weight: 

1.62 ozs

Historical Period: 

c. 1905-1935

Customer Concerns

Q:How do the inverted dimples on the Goodman balls affect their performance?
A:The inverted dimples on the Goodman golf balls are designed to reduce drag and enhance lift, which contributes to a longer and more stable ball flight. This design makes them particularly effective for achieving greater distances with a clean trajectory.

Q:Can modern players benefit from using the Goodman 3-Ball Sleeve Golf Balls?
A:Absolutely. While designed with a nod to historical authenticity, the Goodman 3-Ball Sleeve Golf Balls are fully playable with modern golf clubs and provide benefits such as improved aerodynamics and durability, making them suitable for players of all eras.

Q:Why choose the Goodman 3-Ball Sleeve Golf Balls over other historical replicas?
A:The Goodman 3-Ball Sleeve Golf Balls are not only approved for historical hickory events but also offer modern performance features, such as their unique dimple design that enhances ball flight and cleanliness. This combination makes them a versatile choice for golfers who appreciate both the history and technology of the sport.


Q: when will I receive the products?
A: These “Goodman” 3-Ball Sleeve Golf Balls may take up to 2-4 working days to arrive.

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