18 HBW Hickory mid-mallet Putter
Premium Hand Wrapped Leather Grip
Proudly Made in The USA
Premium Headcover
Premium Headcover

18 HBW Hickory mid-mallet Putter

  • Handcrafted in Alabama since 1946 
  • Brass insert keeps ball on face/line longer
  • Dual lead weights create center strikes
  • Offset hosel for putting performance
  • Classic wood laminate insert 
  • Hickory shaft provides feedback and feel
  • Shaft is heat dried and lacquer sealed
  • Premium hand wrapped leather grip
  • Includes premium Headcover
                    Also available in Left hand. 

                    Customer Reviews

                    Based on 15 reviews
                    Peter G

                    From the looks it is just classy and what I love, CLASS!!

                    Darren Peterson
                    Highly recommended

                    When it comes to this putter, I will always recommend it because it is handmade and it comes with a head cover. That amazing right??

                    Chad Seals
                    Simply the best

                    I felt important when I used the putter for the first time, the grip made me feel the sportsmanship in the game!!

                    Jared Emmons
                    So much fun!

                    I really wish I had bought this putter earlier, I missed so much fun, however, I am determined to catch up on all the fun I have missed. This is an amazing putter!!

                    Eric Swedberg
                    So much fun!

                    My daughter got me this putter, I came back for another one, I will be using them on different occasions. So much fun!!