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McIntyre - The “Vardon” 12 replica golf ball Gift Box (Wrapped Balls)

McIntyre - The “Vardon” 12 replica golf ball Gift Box (Wrapped Balls)

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The "Vardon" Flyer was introduced in 1899 by Spalding, made of the “finest gutta” and played by Harry Vardon in several major championship wins, including the 1900 US Open.  It was claimed to have improved length over the line cut gutta models. Although the gutta ball was soon to be replaced by the rubber wound ball, the bramble cover pattern would continue for ten more years. We offer it in three different Variants:  


Modern Ball Version

The Vardon modern ball is made by remolding a modern USGA approved ball using a bramble style mold. It is fully playable with both modern and hickory clubs. It is approved for all SoHG golf tuornaments. Ben Hollerbach used this ball to win the 2016 World Hickory Match Play.


Ball Size: 

1.68 in

Ball Weight: 

24.5 dwt gutta, 28 dwt modern

Historical Period: 

c. 1898-1905

Customer Concerns

Q:Is the Vardon modern ball approved for tournament play?
A:Absolutely, the Vardon modern ball is approved for all Society of Hickory Golfers (SoHG) tournaments, ensuring it meets the standards required for official hickory golf events.

Q:What historical period does the Vardon ball represent?
A:The Vardon ball represents the period circa 1898-1905, a time when Harry Vardon achieved several major championship wins using this type of ball, including the 1900 US Open.

Q:Can I learn about any notable achievements with the Vardon modern ball?
A:Yes, Ben Hollerbach notably used this ball variant to win the 2016 World Hickory Match Play, demonstrating its competitive viability and performance in modern hickory golf tournaments.


Q: when will I receive the products?
A: These “Vardon” 12 replica golf ball Gift Box in sleeves may take up to 2-4 working days to arrive.

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