Tad Moore- Signature Muscle Back Blade Golf Putter with Hickory shaft  back view

Tad Moore - Signature Muscle Back Blade Golf Putter with Hickory shaft

This is our old Tom Morris elect model hickory putter that has been redone with my signature. One of our most popular stainless models we have ever made. The Morris brand was sold to the Links Trust and we cannot use the logo so we used our signature. Loft 4 degrees, Lie 70 degrees and a hand wrapped leather grip. 

Made in the USA and approved for play by the Society of Hickory Golfers.

Customer Reviews

Based on 10 reviews
Andrea Warner
very cool

Tried it today immediately after I bought it, I could roll the ball with ease and with perfection.

Timothy Chavez
Bold!!! Approved

On the golf course, such a putter will be the best to use. Absolutely amazing.

Josh A
Great one!!

What I love about this putter is its weight and sleekness, just magnificent.

William T
just loving it!

As much as I was hesitant to purchase this putter, my decision to buy is the best. It is nice and makes some good strokes.

Edgar G
Just Perfect!

Hickory clubs are amazing, I will never stop using this putter. If you have doubts you will never know until you try it out.