This Is How You Should Wear “Plus Fours” On The Green

This Is How You Should Wear “Plus Fours” On The Green

Knowing the appropriate golf attire is essential for integrating seamlessly into your local golf club. Looking your best is key, even though dress codes may vary in strictness from one club to another. To ensure cohesion with your fellow golfers, we always recommend checking in with your group or the host beforehand. In golf, as in many other aspects of life, presentation is half the battle, so it’s important not to stand out for wearing the incorrect attire. If you want to nail the look on the fairway and wear your “plus fours” with confidence, keep reading for our style guide!

What To Wear With Plus Fours

If you aim to be the epitome of style on the golf course, tweed is your go-to fabric. The cardinal rule with tweed is never to mix and match--coherence is key to achieving that quintessential country gentleman look. To truly embody the sartorial elegance of the game, consider a three-piece suit that includes a Tweed Waistcoat, Wool Golf Socks, and Plus Fours. Ensure that all elements of your tweed are perfectly paired, presenting an ensemble that is as classic as it is timeless. Whether you're lining up for a putt or strolling to the next tee box, in a matching tweed get-up, you’ll not only play the part but look it too.

What Accessories To Wear With Plus Fours

A well-chosen hat is the gilding the lily of any rural appearance. On the golf course, a golf flat cap can serve as your ace in the hole, especially when it's matched with your tweed attire for an exceptionally dapper look. Opting for a flat cap that complements your plus fours ensemble will not only tie your outfit together but also elevate your presence to the epitome of country sophistication with every swing.

How To Wear Your Plus Fours With Socks

Always pair your Plus Fours with knee high socks, preferably secured with a garter at the top. Fold the garter back over the top of the socks to expose it slightly. This classic styling not only enhances the traditional look but also ensures your socks stay comfortably in place all day long, saving you from the annoyance of having to pull them up continually. This setup prevents the socks from sagging around your ankles, allowing you to focus on your game without any distractions.

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