Antiques or Replicas

Antiques or Replicas

If you are a 'purist' or simply love playing the game the way it ought to be played, there are a couple of reasons why the game needs to love and accept high quality crafted replicas.

#1. There are not enough antique hickory clubs to support any sustained growth in the sport.

#2. The remaining population of antique clubs is not going to last long enough to even support the current level of hickory play. Also, only replica hickory clubs can handle a tour pro’s swing speed.

Many players, both high handicappers and former Master’s Champions like Sandy Lyle are playing “replicas” which are clubs made from the original designs of the era.

Replicas are more durable and can handle a practice schedule ahead of a tournament and the tournament itself. While Antiques sometimes poses some sentimentality to the golfer, it isn't prudent to wear out your favourite club when it's already almost a century old.

There's no doubt, it is apparent that some players of reproductions eventually try to put together a set of originals. Stepping back to the routes of the games  and being to play a round with the same exact tools as they did all those years ago is magnificent.

Reproductions open the door for new players coming to the game. The hickory game grows on the availability of good hickory clubs and reproductions is the best way for someone to be able to experience a good result!

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