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Glen Plaid Brown Harris Tweed Blade Putter Headcovers

Glen Plaid Brown Harris Tweed Blade Putter Headcovers

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Our Glen Plaid Harris Tweed Blade Putter Headcovers blend timeless style with modern functionality. Woven by hand in the Outer Hebrides of Scotland, each cover showcases the classic elegance of brown and beige herringbone patterns, enriched with lively orange and blue stripes. 

Hand-Woven Harris Tweed

Each cover is hand-woven in the Outer Hebrides of Scotland, ensuring a unique piece of Scottish heritage. The traditional weaving techniques used in Harris Tweed provide an exceptional quality that is rare in modern textiles.

Elegant Design

The putter headcovers feature a classic Glen Plaid pattern, characterized by a sophisticated herringbone design in brown and beige. Accents of orange and blue stripes add a vibrant contrast, making each cover not just functional but also a stylish statement on the golf course.

Durable Material

Harris Tweed is known for its durability and robustness, capable of protecting golf clubs from wear, tear, and environmental factors. This natural wool fabric is thick, providing excellent cushioning for your putter.

Convenient Closure

Equipped with a magnetic closure, these putter headcovers offer both security and ease of use. The magnets provide a reliable seal that keeps the cover firmly in place, yet they allow for quick and easy access whenever you need to use your putter.

Versatile Compatibility

Designed to fit blade putters, these covers cater to a common club type, ensuring that most golfers can benefit from this high-quality accessory. The tailored fit helps to protect the club's head and shaft against scratches and bumps.

Add this crafted Harris Tweed Blade Putter Headcovers to your golf accessories and ensure your club is always ready and protected, all while showcasing your unique style and appreciation for quality craftsmanship.

  • Hand-woven tweed from the Outer Hebrides in Scotland
  • Lined with Brown Fleece
  • Magnetic closure
  • Available in Blade and Mid Mallet


Customer Concerns

Q:Why choose Harris Tweed for your golf blade putter Headcovers?
A:Harris Tweed is chosen for golfing accessories because of its exceptional quality and distinctive appearance. It is handwoven from pure virgin wool dyed and spun in the Outer Hebrides of Scotland, which not only ensures its authenticity but also guarantees a level of durability and protection unmatched by other fabrics. Moreover, its unique textures and patterns make each piece distinct, adding a personal and stylish touch to your golf blade putters.

Q: What type of golf clubs are these Harris Tweed Blade Putter Headcovers suitable for?
A:These Harris Tweed Blade Putter Headcovers are available in Blade and Mid Mallet.


Q: when will you receive the products?
A: These Harris Tweed Blade Putter Headcovers may take up to 2-4 days to arrive.

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