Why Plus Fours Steal the Spotlight from Plus Twos

Why Plus Fours Steal the Spotlight from Plus Twos

For a more formal golf event, plus fours are indispensable; however, plus twos or plus fours remain the most versatile and practical garments in your golf wardrobe.

If you are fortunate enough to be invited to a prestigious golf tournament where a specific dress code is expected, plus fours are essential. Pair them with a coordinating vest during warmer months and a tailored blazer or golf waistcoat as the season progresses.

For a casual round or less formal occasion, plus fours are still your optimal choice. Combine them with a polo shirt and a lightweight sweater in favorable weather, or opt for a windbreaker or rain jacket when conditions are less than ideal.

What Are Plus Fours?

Plus fours are a type of knickerbocker that extends four inches below the knee. They are baggy and often fastened just below the knee with a band. This extra length and bagginess provided a more relaxed fit and added a distinctive flair, making them popular among golfers in the 1920s and 1930s. For more detailed information,  refer to this "what are plus fours"

What Are Plus Twos?

Plus twos, on the other hand, extend just two inches below the knee. They are similar in design but shorter and slightly less baggy than plus fours. While they offer a more streamlined appearance, they haven’t enjoyed the same level of popularity or cultural impact as plus fours.

What is the difference between Plus Twos and Plus Fours?

Length and Fit

The primary difference lies in their length. Plus fours extend four inches below the knee, giving a more baggy and relaxed look. Plus twos, being shorter, two inches below the knee, provide a tighter, more streamlined fit.

Comfort and Functionality

When it comes to comfort, plus fours generally have the edge. Their extra length allows for better movement and airflow, making them more comfortable during long hours on the course. Plus twos, while still functional, might feel slightly more restrictive.

Our plus fours feature a double pleat front, creating a fuller and roomier silhouette compared to the plus twos, which have a flat front and a narrower leg. While the choice between the two ultimately comes down to personal taste, as both are equally practical, plus fours tend to be favored by golfers for their added comfort and style.

Tailored for Different Sports

Golfers often opt for plus fours, or even plus sixes, for their games, appreciating the extra room and ease of movement they provide. In contrast, plus twos are more popular for shooting, where a slimmer fit is preferred. Additionally, our plus twos come with a side adjuster waist for a snug fit, whereas our plus fours are designed with a 'fish tail' back. This design feature offers a higher rise at the back, providing enhanced protection against the elements, making them especially suitable for outdoor sports like golf.

Practical Advantages of Plus Fours

Enhanced Comfort on the Course

Golfers appreciate plus fours for their comfort. The extra length and baggy fit allow for unrestricted movement, essential for a good swing and overall performance. Additionally, the double pleat front design makes the silhouette fuller and roomier compared to the flat front and narrower leg of plus twos. This added room is not just for aesthetics; it significantly enhances comfort during those long hours on the course.

Weather Adaptability

Plus fours are also adaptable to various weather conditions. They can be paired with long socks to keep warm in cooler weather or worn with lighter fabrics for comfort in the heat. The ‘fish tail’ back design, which gives a higher rise at the back, offers even more protection against the elements, making them a preferred choice for golfers facing unpredictable weather.

Improved Mobility

The design of plus fours promotes better mobility, making them ideal for sports and other physical activities. Their loose fit reduces restriction, allowing for a more natural range of motion. Whether you’re swinging a golf club or simply walking the course, plus fours provide the freedom of movement that’s crucial for peak performance.

Choosing a well-tailored pair of plus fours made from superior fabric is a sound investment for any golfer. They are the ultimate workhorse on the course; versatile, practical, and effortlessly smart. Plus fours offer a nod to the rich history of golf and the functionality needed for modern play.

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