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Tad Moore - Pall Mall 3 star Hickory shafted Cleek 20/25 degrees

Tad Moore - Pall Mall 3 star Hickory shafted Cleek 20/25 degrees

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This is the Pall Mall 3 Star Cleek Hickory Wood is patterned after the William Gibson woods. Gibson was the largest maker of hickory clubs and made the famous Jack White clubs. With a full brass sole plate, it is a very easy club to play. The club is 41 inches long and comes with a hand wrapped leather grip. For custom shaft flex or other requests, please specify in the special instructions section of the shopping cart.

If I had to carry only one fairway wood in my bag this would be the one. Excellent replacement for the mid-iron.

Also available Left Handed.

  • Head material: Persimmon
  • Loft: 20 or 25 degrees
  • Shaft: Solid hickory
  • Grip: Handwrapped leather
  • Playable with modern golf ball
  • Standard 41″ length
  • NHC/SoHG Approved

Customer Concerns

Q:Will the use of a traditional hickory wood shaft golf clubs compromise the distance and accuracy of the shot?
A:This hickory wood driver merges traditional craftsmanship with modern technology, designed for players with high club head speed, ensuring superior performance. The hickory shaft offers a unique flex and feedback that can enhance ball control.

Q:Can the hickory golf shafts’ flexibility be customized to a client's swing characteristics?
A:Each wooden driver can be customized to the client's swing characteristics to ensure optimal flex and performance. We offer customization services to meet the needs of different swing speeds.

Q: Can this wood shaft golf clubs be played by a lefty?
A: NO, this wood shaft golf clubs can only be operated with the right hand. If you prefer to operate with your left hand, you can choose from our selection of left handed putters.


Q: when will you receive the products.
A: Due to its hand-crafted nature, this wood shaft golf club may take up to 2-3 weeks to arrive.

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